I had just escaped from being trafficked and was attending my first college class when I came across Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility.” Since I was experiencing physical and intellectual freedom for the first time in my life, this quote left me spellbound. If Roosevelt was correct, the freedom I was now experiencing was not mine to enjoy alone; instead, my new freedom gave me the sole responsibility to pour back into society and into other individuals who have experienced crime and severe trauma. 

As a human trafficking survivor, consultant, author, and speaker, I see it as my responsibility to walk alongside anti-trafficking organizations and individuals who are wondering what they can do about this nefarious evil, as well as advocate and bring hope to other survivors of crime and trauma.



Not only is Jessa Dillow Crisp a survivor of human trafficking, but she is a contagiously joyful individual who makes other people smile with her laughter and authentic speaking style.  

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Take Action

Just as freedom gives a responsibility one cannot take for granted, action is useless unless steps are taken in the right direction. Find out what you can do in this battle against trafficking. 

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