Although I have always felt a strong connection to the word redemption which seemed to whisper tender words of truth over my brokenness, I thought I was going to be a single woman for the rest of my life. With my history, how could a man love me and how could a man even begin to dream about wanting to marry me?

In January 2014, my now husband, approached me at school and asked me out. Over the months as we got to know each other, I have come to not only know gentle and tender respect, but I have come to know what it means to be loved and to love. I not only hear the whisper of redemption, but I now sing redemption's song. My past no longer has the power to define me, it is possible to heal, as well as experience love and the beautiful gift of life it brings. 

I hope these pictures bring hope to someone's brokenness. Even if it is just a small sparkle of light that whispers redemption to your heart.