Whether you are a church leader looking for teaching on trauma-informed ways to engage with the pain of your congregants, a dean at a university looking for a speaker to empower your students, or a ministry leader needing someone to speak at your upcoming conference, it is my desire to share the truth that no matter the struggles or disappointment that one has experienced, hope is real and can be embraced by all.

I have spoken at woman’s conferences, retreats, churches, faith-based events, leadership symposiums, youth events, universities, non-profit, and corporate offices around the world and would love to hear about what you need for your event.




Live Within Your Story

Stories are super important—they make us who we are with our passions, joys, and griefs. Yet, the reality is that not too many individuals know what to do when stories surface that are messy and painful. For example, what do you do when individuals share about their divorce, death of a precious loved one, cancer, disappointments, abuses, trafficking, and mistreatment? Although we want to be compassionate, most people do not know what to do or say in these moments—let alone when these hard things impact us personally. Learn the ways that Jesus, the author of all stories intimately invites us to engage within the narrative He is creating with our lives!

Living Scars

Because life is hard, many of us carry the reminders of sorrows and crushing disappointments on our body, mind, and emotions. Although these scars run deep, learn how our scars can draw us into intimacy with Christ and create a beautiful picture of our Healer—the One who gives new identity and hope!

Intimacy Renewed

After being trafficked for most of my life, I entered a safe house for victims of trauma in my early twenties. In a place of brokenness God met me and began to heal not only my heart and mind, but also my sexuality. Several years after getting married, I started my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with the desire to help those who have experienced severe abuse—because if God can make sexuality new in my life, then I believe he can renew it in everyone!




“I was beyond impressed with Jessa’s presentation of her journey. I have heard a lot of people (professionals, survivors, volunteers, etc.) talk about trafficking, but rarely—if ever at all—would I fully endorse everything said in those talks. But after hearing Jessa share, I honestly felt like I had nothing else to add to the conversation and that everything she said was 100% completely spot on. If any organization is wanting to know how to move forward with fighting the injustice of sex trafficking, they would do well to listen to Jessa and to build their efforts around the ideas and perspectives she shares.” — Terry Mosteller, J.D. | Director of Prevention at Exodus Cry

"THANK YOU!!! Your story (Jessa Dillow Crisp) is not simply compelling, it is eye opening and mind boggling. As someone who has worked on human trafficking through the Blue Campaign and on Capitol Hill, I can assure you that your efforts are both acknowledged and leveraged to assist other victims across this country and beyond." — R.W. | Department of Homeland Security

"Very informative. Great presenter. Really appreciated her life story. So much knowledge for providers to recognize youth being trafficked." —Attendee | Colorado Department of Youth Services 2017 Conference

"We have Jessa speak at our homeland security conference each year, as she is a very powerful speaker who is requested by all attendees to return annually.  She is able to adjust her training to the specific audience on hand, and is able to connect with everyone in the room.  She is able to make you feel and understand what she went through, and helps the audience understand how they can recognize and help others in this situation.  Her program evaluations are always glowing. I highly recommend Jessa for your next event." —Terrie S. Godde